The good thing about Downtime is that it encompasses the limitations of our current times. We lost a session to Floods (omg), Vaccination (necessary!) and then general life. We still have 6 eps for this season, we're on track for this week. We'll see.

Instead, last friday we converted to a song session and got another guide out. Productive.

Still tempted to stream some of these...we'll see. 

We may be workshopping some songs with our friends in Neon Nights, that'd be a good one to try and live stream.

Big ups to the folks who joined us on Saturday. Still some kinks to work out on the PA and good to see the return to the stage of Mr Wizard, who joined the collective for the second set. 

In other news, Things are not happening quickly...hoo boy ok maybe thats an understatement. At the same time, they are happening, and they are happening on a regular, scheduled basis. Sort of. As long as we're flexible.

Sort of scheduled chaos. I could get used to this rhythm.

I expect there will be some additional live shows at some point. Meanwhile I am still catching up to our good friend TA Lyndons output level, so work continues. These really are the best bits.