I'm not blogging much because it's all going sooo quietly and slowly. Rehearsal this week, 3 songs to finish lyrics for and so many waiting in the wings I am looking forward to playing with.

Not all my tech stuff has worked in the background. That happens. Learning.

Album production cycle methodical and slow and wonderful. 

It's sooooo caaaaaalm.

Downtime will be on this week (weather permitting) and we are totally on schedule for NEWWWW SONGS!!!! YAAAAAY!!!


Things are starting to pick up and I imagine the blog output will resume correspondingly. then again I am not sure.

I am soooo relaxed. It is so chill right now :).

Big ups to the X man back from 'somewhere' and to The Odd Collective who are active. Last time I saw them was the last gig before Covidpocalypse. Uh oh.

Stock up on TP Folks.

More to say when there's more to say :)