Not to overfry my metaphors but it's Full Spud Ahead. Looks like Stormcellar Collective will be out in the Wild.

Gig 27th March, Hornsby. No doubt someone will post about it.

We're now in a regular schedule for post production on 'Sanctuary' and production on 'Awakening'.

Yeah I know, me and my Project Names. They could have equally been project Cocoa Butter and Project Hamster.

Someones's gotta do the filing. Maybe I just like cool names.

Expect projects DragonAwesomeness and TotalButtKicking not really.

I mixed up my numbering. Oops. Downtime Ep 7 this week.

Meanwhile I am working on fixing the holes in White Fire (pet song at the moment).

Tech updates here and for the streaming are in bound. Plenty to do, takes time to do it thoughtfully.