Summer slips away from us here without us being on fire this year.


It's official, Australia is trying to resume business as unusual. We'll see what happens over the next while.

'Sanctuary' Project for Downtime Season 1 is moving at a regular pace. Great. Big ups to Theo. who is producing the heck out of this.
'Awakening', new studio recordings for the collective is next in line for mixing and fixing and that has started.
The subsequent recording session for it is on track with new songs in progress as well.

There is more music than I can write to, quickly, at present. What a wonderful problem to have.

Big ups also to the Neon Nights who are gonna try some singing with us.

We have 3 projects in post/productionand writing underway. Streaming show has special guests. Gigs coming up. Vaccines comng out.

Things may have been rough but you'd be silly to miss the good bits because of the bad :) What's not to like?