Mid stream failure to Twitch today. FB stream is either based on closer gear (local fb infrastructure and face it what else have they got on content right now, amirite?).

My local Telco seems to be encouraging me to shift to the National Broadband by gradually making my existing connection worse.

I'm at less than 5Mbps up on Cable. That's sad. I get more on a hotspot.

BOOO!! Ep 4 is on FB only facebook.com/stormcellarband and the irony of relying on the Evil Empire as principal host is not lost on me.

Today almost everything worked. Almost. That's a good thing. Good work from everyone and a thank you to our studio guests.

Now that things are working(ish) we're also looking at doing a show on location. 

Ah yes also looks like we will be doing some live in person with actual humans shows again...soon...WOW!

People! Strange days indeed.