I  have noticed the return of traffic and aircraft noises as Sydney re-opens. Sort of. Start, stop, start. Methinks this will be the way of things for the next 2-4 years.

Gig's returned...then went away...then returned...then...

People forgot how much they missed live music and then forgot they missed it, or perhaps they have become so accustomed to staying home that there is a permanent shift in Bands/Venues/Patrons/Media/Music/Cultural Relevance.

Meanwhile - Things are going well, and going sloowwwwly.

Theo was due an album and he is producing Downtime Season One Best Of and it's going well

As there are no rules, we are happily contemplating all the ideas we can entertain.

That brings us to Stormcellar Collectives next recording project which is running in parallel to the Best of Downtime. Perhaps 'sequentially' is more accurate.

We're gathering guests, ideas, edits. We still have no conclusion on how to finish the projects.

The Stormcellar material from our recordings in the US last year still needs some attention, and that requires revenue and that requires...gigs.

Slowwwly - Downtime Episode 2 saw me work out some of last weeks tech problems. We are almost there.

I didnt start promoting Season 1 until Episode 6 because it took us 4 Pilot eps + 5 season eps to sort the process.

As we used the time in which we could have a done a technical rehearsal for mixing album stuff, Episode 2 of this season was still a little risky.

I have some local network issues to deal with, and I need to write myself a Server Operation manual so I dont get overwhelmed when things go wrong (and they do, that's tech). 

Thus - it's going...it's going slowly. It will take me at least until the end of the quarter to complete the tech stuff we are working on in the back end.

To recap - 3 albums in Post/Development/and editing. 1 Streaming show operational and in development. Additional website changes and other stuff in development.

We're going to fundraise a little to help hire some of our mates as session muso's cos stuff is tough.

You know what we're up to, support it here:  paypal.me/stormcellarband.

Here's episode 2, Season 2, Downtime