Somewhere in my car, my room, somewhere...there is a bunch of lyrics in a blue folder. Scraps of paper. Things stapled together.



Stuff that sucks. Stuff with lines through it. Stuff that I think is great, right now, which I will later dismiss. 
It has been said, poems are never finished, merely abandoned.

As we have been in Development Mode, this folder has been following me around.

Oh where, oh wherefore art thou folder?

Or...maybe it's not really such a bad thing to be lost for words. Or those words. Or to have lost some words. I'm fairly sure the universe will not notice the inconvenience. I'm wondering if I will. 

Imma need some lyrics though cos TERRY IS ON FIRE.

I get one more email from him with a song i'm just going to have to...err..encourage more songwriting! Terry's stuff is great and he's in a major output mode. I feel like we're the Beach Boys trying to keep up with his Sergeant Peppers. Which makes us due for a Pet Sounds.

BTW that was a highly dense series of 20th century musical references. No time to unpack.

Oh it's on. Yeah you better believe it's on. Where's that folder!

Meanwhile, there are tech things to do and they're taking me some time to learn/think/work out.


My brain objects to additional information.

With COVID etc there are not likely to be too many gigs for a while. If any. Thus, we need to transition to other ways of doing this.

Downtime is on the way back for Season 2 and there's more good stuff to do, if circumstances prevail.

We have the technology (mostly) and it works (most of the time...sometimes...well pretty well really...except for...anyway).

It's not that it's strictly that hard, it's that there are a lot of moving parts and putting it all together is a thing.

And it's not even so much about the tech. It's about where we fit into the scheme of things.

COVID will be with us in one form or another for a while. Venues? Gigs? Touring? What does that look like at the end of this?

Does it exist? Is there really a return to normal? 

Sydney went back into fast lockdown recently. Venues are still at limited capacity.

Stop. Start. Stop. For a while.

That does not preclude us from trying to catch some of Terry's prolific output vibe so we'll do that for a while.

When I am ready, we'll also be introducing a few changes to the site and some other stuff that may/may not work, but really, who knows at this point?