New Years/Covid Slow down kicked in again
Depatched the plans 'o mice & men
We'll play a show
yet Can't say when
for the coalescing future
we do  not ken

Why thank you Spirit of Robbie Burns. Ach.

Watching the news. Hoping for better.

Meanwhile Terry keeps sending me his new (good) work and it spurs me to want to keep up. he's in a big creative patch.

While we try other stuff (so far some technical probs) and other-other stuff, we are also in solid, reasonably paced development. No rushing the good stuff.

We need to transition into 21st century model. Long story. Meh. I'll show you when I get it sorted.

Fox has found some joy in the new songs and has shared some stuff with his mates in the Old Country and now we have some international cross action happening. That's right. We're big in the Balkans.

All our planning has been going pffffft. Yay! Slow and steady at this time. A little calm here and thank heavens for a cool summer. Last year we were on fire, remember? Yow!

I'm still working out how to do the next stuff so if you dont see an immediate post, havent disappeared, working slowly and carefully and kind of in a very chill manner.

Peace is where ya find it.