Thanks to Mr Coggins, we kicked off a loungeroom project. Rhythm beds for six songs laid down. Very much back to our loungeroom roots.

Our first two albums were recorded at the eponymously named 'Front Room Studios'. 



I dont think 'smoke on horizon' worked in the studio. I am alone (so far) in this assessment. I'm right tho'. It's gonna need to be 'live'. Devil's preacher is still these are only rhythm beds it is early days indeed.

I reminded Mr Wizard that we had recorded the first album before doing a gig. Since then, we have grown used to running the songs 'live', first. Allowing them to develop.

With No Gigs,thanks to COVID, we are in a different frame of reference.

The meeting of easy access to pro level recording is in our favour.

Mixing it? Releasing it? All the old paradigms?

We make stuff. We gonna make stuff. Like it?

help us make it:

There's work to do, expect some website changes soon. It's the future for real.