Did some location scouting this week. Ths pre production on this video clip has been long and I am now ready to just do it and the script be damned.

That's been a factor of the stuff we have made over the years, sometimes it's ok to abandon the original idea and make what you can. Not being able to shoot the vids as I had intended has reduced the number I have made...and increased the randomness of the clips I have made.

When something cool turns up, great, do it.

Dion is still keen on trying the slightly more complex narrative approach of the existing idea. Ben at the Commeda has basically shown that we don't exactly 'film' them so much as we start filming and then they do what they do. 

Getting the ideal filming location has so far eluded me. Figuring out how to translate from the original idea to the practical 'here, do it with this' is on my mind.

I'm also distracted, happily, by new work.

I've been listening at some length to FOTB Terry Lyndon, I think he has a heck of a turn of phrase. Mr Wizard has lent some bass to his recent work and Terry is pumping material out.

By and large most of our muso mates have been productive in this strange time. And so with us too, and a good thing that is.

I am not sure that the world, even in our small, limited section of it, will ever go back to the way things were before Covid.

In some measure, that may be a good thing.

Everything that lives, changes. Nothing stays the same.

Australia is entering that end of year twilight - yet the competing force to burst out from 9 long months of confinement is upon us, at a time where risks still wait, and we exist here in this pacific bubble of safety.

As I am in no way capable of making sense of any of the 'gestures broadly at everything', I can look forward to completing work we have in the wings, starting new stuff and with luck, some shows out in the wild, soon.

Also: Thanks to Hugo. The Townie's facebook page AI didnt update the calendar but there are no stormcellar shows there until further notice, thanks to ...COVID.