As equally good as it has been to be back on the road, it has been equally good to not be not the road.

If things go back to nromal, it will take some getting used to.

A big thanks to Jonathon and all the folks who joined us on Sunday in Cowra.

If I didnt have to get the car back I would have gladly visited the Japanese Gardens :) Thus, I look forward to going back .

Big ups to MC & MH for a massive roundtrips, respectively.

I have no idea what happens from here :) Not that I need to. We're fairly straight forward. Make what we can while we can. Play as often as we're able.


The rest is background noise, as a wise Shaman said to me.

We have a fallow week, except for some development and writing. Good to see Mr Wizard starting to rouse after quite a long healing process for his shoulder.

Next week work on the next videoclip continues, plus...other stuff.

Help us make it happen here


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