So close to the first big thing we have done in 9 months I was expecting to be a little more...flustered?

I had not accounted for how much good will and support there is for this thing. I actually took time off today because...things are....

They are as organised as they can usefully be.

Right now Bec is running a test. Garry is checking sound stuff. Carlo is running a test.

The bands are getting their gear together.

I just spoke to Uncle JD who is going to join us on Didge and welcome us to country and that made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

In 13 years of this I have never wavered in my appreciation for this thing that takes me into New South Wales, that walks me across the land of poetry, of dreams.

After so many months in solitude, there is a blossoming in these spaces, into spring.

Who would not be grateful for these things :)

Thanks to all the folk who have put their hard work and effort into a community day. 


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