The planes are overhead again. 86 New Zealanders arrived. What in one plane each?

Haven't missed that...oh well. Welcome back...the new normal?

Well something's happening.

Video Pre Production

I remembered why I have made so many 'found footage' clips. Doing pre production on Live Action has reminded me. We've been doing the script development for weeks now.

We're sort of at the shot list stage now. FINALLY...ish. And once that's done, then I can do the actual pre-production. Can't manage logistics until we know what we're doing. 

This week we had a look at some of our old videos and some possible thematic concept examples, including some ooooold faves. OMG. Had to share this one. Laura Branigan was a total fox. The video is some high art stuff, perfect for inspiration!



No rushing this. Scripting, then location scouting, then some planning, setting a date, then doing it, then editing it.

This is why I tried animation for clips. That took aaaaages. It basically turns out that doing a good job just takes time no matter which format I use :)

Although to be fair I knocked that last clip out in 36 hours using found footage...hmm....maybe it's horses for courses.

Live Real World Shows

Looks like Stormcellar Collective is on the move for some less-socially-isolated shows. It's good to be active on that.

Downtime Season 2

In development :P

Downtime Recordings

The multitrack stuff went well. Not sure if any of the performances were release worthy. All the technical elements are working fine. Bodes well. We'll see.

Streaming the CRAB

Yeah we're doing that. The mind boggles. The technical complexity is...WONDERFUL I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! 

Good times folks.

Oh yeah also new songs. 

Wanna support all this and more: and sned us some $ and we'll spend it on this sort of thing. Go on, you know you want to.