We're doing a debrief, this week, on Season 1 of Downtime. Gotta pick a new name for Season 2...

if there is one.


The Great Restarts

New Zealand is COVID clear and this bodes well for the direction we can expect here in Oz.

Already the traffic is back, the planes are returning to the skies.

Yet it's a bubble of safety in a turbulent time. Much like a stormcellar. Hmm.. who knew how dang appropriate this band name would turn out to be.

The Great Reboot, the Uber Restart, I can feel it in me bones...arrr....it be comin' 

Soon the muso's will escape from dormancy and seek once more, in safe, socially distant ways, to gain the energy response from Humans.

Meanwhile it's that time of year for forward planning and as the Absolute End Times have not materialised (dang it) I guess working out what comes next is a thing.

There is a plan. It might not be the right plan, it may in fact only be a series of bullet points and 2/3 of those are 'Screw Flanders' (10 points if you get the reference). But A Plan it is. Now we work it! Or more specifically we work. That'll do.

Expect some more changes. Pre and Post COVID music worlds are gonna be different, why would we stay the same? Everything changes, nothing stays the same :)

Imma go silent for a few days of chill time and then we'll see what we see eh? Silence betokens assent, right :)


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