On the days where the flight path directs traffic overhead, you feel part of the machine.

Thunder in clear air skies, in cab-ranks of planes snaking in and out of Sydney in long lines of commerce, travel and excitement.

Their absence has brought other birds to my skies, Rosella's to the birdbath outside my window.

The Blue around the distance buildings that little brighter, as if a painting of the world had been cleaned. I'll miss the non-deadly changes this thing has wrought. the slow down.

The month of days at the speed of a sunday christmas morning.

And as New South Wales goes back to work, back to jostling for a car park, back to tailgating in traffic and parking and walking with the diffident air of those who are entitled to their space and yours, I'll miss the civillity of solitude.


After the poetic bit, a few more gigs on the books are gonna be canned as COVID is still a factor. Yargh.

Also, separately, sending Big Healing vibes to Page.

Also Also: Videoclip thing.

Also Also Also: FFY pending for single release. Hmm. Artwork I guess?

Also Also Also Also: No Downtime this week, Fox is On The Run (heh see what I did..i ...oh nvm)

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