No Downtime ep last week as we had some chill and Fox TCOB. 

Things are getting back to the new-normal locally, if traffic is anything to judge by.

After some effort, it was time to have a crack at fixing Fool For You. I havent been happy with it :(

I decided to try adding some keyboard and it took almost 3 months to get someone to jump on it. Go figure.

Thus we extend our compliments to Thomson K. for breaking it loose. Also to Brother Ben for getting the mix into a new phase.

This brought me to a studio moment on Friday to try a new vocal approach.

Of course returning to 'normal' in Sydney is...


For some reason the tradies opted to run long so we mixed before doing the vocals.

Taking some chances here... yay! no rules!


I'm a happy camper. It worked. Final mixing on the track this week, with luck we're heading for a single!

EP asked me 'what's the videoclip?"

Oh...that's gonna keep me busy for a while. We're active. Might not be playing in bars but we is doing work!

Stay tuned.

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