Hello!....General  Kenobi. (yeah maybe I am sending too much time in the meme studies group).


It's monday in the Stormcellar and as such, as we create new rhythms in this Chaotic Time, it's....Development Day! Yaaaaaay!

BTW the new revenue model for bands = No gigs = EEEk = 

Yeah I resisted the subscription model for a while, but you know, COVID etc.  So I'll be hustling your loose change to keep making stuff. Stay tuned for other attempts at getting you to break out your wallet.

I figure if you like what we do, and you know we get on with it, here's what we're up to and Reasons to contribute:


Video Killed The Radio Star

After a few months of running, I think it might be time to say bye bye to the Stormcellar Radio. Thanks to Top Dollar Jonesy and the tech dept for all their help in running the program up. It's not for lack of amusement, it's time to move resources to our next project.

Of course it might still be a few days before I figure out how to switch all the gubbins and sprockets to Off. 

Why? Cos I am gearing up to launch the next thing. 

ith help from Bec I am setting up a Linux server and doing some other stuff. It's in phases, cos it's complex and I have to learn things and that might take some time.

REASON TO CONTRIBUTE 1: Unnamed Multimedia Project -  www.paypal.me/stormcellarband

Recording Stuff 1

Last week we introduced a 12 port DAC (a recording thing) into the chain for streaming.

This allows us to capture the sessions in Multitrack. Even though we're almost done with Season 1, we're now able to pull an Album Quality recording at the end of each session. 

That gives us some options for producing a Stormcellar Collective release sooner than I had expected. No rush, no particular time frame, when it's ready.

We take the multitrack into the studio, give it a bit of a clean and spruce up and there ya go. Next!

REASON TO CONTRIBUTE 2:  'Downtime' Recordings -  www.paypal.me/stormcellarband (are you seeing a theme here?)

Production Chain Stability

By Ep 8 of Downtime we had the gremlins cooperating. By the time we put the DAC in, and thanks to a bug in the User (me) or Video Switching Software, we had a few new gremlins.

We've sorted it out on the fly but what I would like is a nice clean run without WHERE IS THE MIXER??? in the middle of the transmission. 2 Weeks running. Argh!

This will settle in. It's taken 4 pilot episodes and...10 regular eps to get this together. And that's with the help and support from some pretty clever and industry experienced mates.

There's more tech to introduce to make things easier and to add some sparkles. Who doesnt like Sparkles huh?

REASON TO CONTRIBUTE 3:  'Sparkles!!!' -  www.paypal.me/stormcellarband

DOWNTIME Season 1 review and improvement

Wow season 1 has raced by. It has been a great way to spend time and the mutation of the songs has produced sounds that are pleasing to the ear.

We also know there are some folks out there getting the chill out time from it we had hoped to offer.

Adding content and guests are the next logical steps. Some of that is dependant on COVID etc, but we have other ways of doing this too. Technical ways.

I'd also like to thank TDJ, Cash Money Susie, Sub-Jones, Bec, Dion, Colorado Steve, Simple, the Bongo Liberation Front, CB and all the folks who have joined us on Twitch.

Our next steps are technical and content improvement.

REASON TO CONTRIBUTE 4:  'More Downtime' -  www.paypal.me/stormcellarband

SC 12 Mixing & Continuing

Thanks to Brother Ben we are slowly making our way through our recordings from February. Starting this week with 'Fool For You'.

I haven't been happy with the arrangement of the first part of the verse and i have been trying things for a few weeks with limited results. Leaving work unfinished does not suit me so this week, I'm going to nail that one down.

REASON TO CONTRIBUTE 5:  'New Stormcellar Songs' -  www.paypal.me/stormcellarband

We'll keep making things so you can stay home and watch them. This works for both of us! :)