We're still a fundamentally cooperative species, that counts.
Take the heat out of it and that's what we are. Like dolphins. Ok maybe not like Dolphins, work with me here...
and by doing so help me accidentally make the point.
For some reason, some folk want us to be angry & afraid.
Not good reasons and not great emotions.
There's still some basic human decency out there, even if it seems in short supply, even if it seems only on one side of the line.
The only ideology that lives on that other side of the line is Fear. It makes people crazy.
And it's not true.
This Fear they ask you to experience requires a belief that there is something different between you and me.
And there isn't.
Not in any compelling biological way.
Not in any way that an Alien coming to earth could pick up.
We abide what we walk past.
Our first duty is non cooperation with evil.
That can be expressed in cooperating with good.
We hope you find that goodness in your neighbour, your friend, and that you realise that there are more people who want peaceful change than those who want war and the same again.