No hang on I mean facebook soapbox.

I am trying to grow our tweeter twoot thing cos I am trying to keep weaning us off FB for talking to our mates but our mates have habits of using the platform so it's a thing. Working on it.

I am not sure whether I am an appropriate twooter but I'm no worse than...anyway.

So yeah. Recording huh?



Coggers added a 12 port Digital Audio Converter and some new mics, we can split the audio mix for a signal send to the stream and one to the recorder. That gives us the ability to tweak the mix a bit if we want to get all High Fidelity.

It means if we have a good moment, we can capture it well, mix it and um...err...stuff. But good stuff.

Of course, challenging the gods of Tech may lead to some smiting.


Midway through ep 10 the Mixer unit just plain disappeared from the mixing software. wham gone. Have no idea how I did it. Not sure if it was me. Got it back reasonably swiftly but that was a new one for me. 

The recording system also had a momentary hiccup and we need to adjust the mics a bit - all of which is consistent with doing this gradually and step by step.

It is a lot of wires and software. All things considered, it was acceptable chaos. Mind you, when Fox started acting out the migration of Ducks in the backyard I lost it and was not sure I was going to get it back. You had to be there. 

In short - UP YOURS FACEBOOK (still my position, yes I am still using it for marketing, yes I am conflicted, then again it is the end of the world so not sure really where to go from here)...where was I? Oh yeah BOOOO!!! I mean...

Cheers to Colin who is now our first twitch Mod. Cheers to Bec for the latest in What Next Tech To Blow Up and to Mr Coggins for excellent tech bits.  Oh also song development is back on and you know how I like that. So. yes. end of world. Meanwhile, this.


Also also: is the place to send us energy, cos that's the way things work these days