This now marks 2 weeks where the tech has mostly gone right. That's a milestone.
It's taken AAAAAAGES>

Establishing a setup procedure includes:

1. Sound setup for the mixer and local sound
2. Mapping that to the laptop input. 
3. Making sure the laptop has booted with the mxier attached so it recognises the device
4. Resetting the web cams to the same USB port or the Visions Switch S/W forgets they exist.
5. Checking input from Discord, testing levels again inboard mixer for output
6. Checking output to Discord and to secondary stream
7. Remembering which harmonica to use
8. What are the words
9. How does the song go.

You can see why this has taken some time to get right. Each part it simple in itself.

Put them together and Complexity Intensifies.

2 weeks in a row where almost all systems are green?


Also the music was good. See ya next week.  Remember these shows auto delete!