Got off the phone from our mate Ivor. He's pumping it out. Marcus has done 3 albums.

Courtesy of some Norwegian help, I've knocked out a few tracks and two videos and we have some stuff straight off the boat from the US in remixing. Next week the Salon project continues with another development session.

Downtime ep 6 is tomorrow and Stormcellar Collective is supporting RECOVIDRY at the Townie on Saturday.

Ok so just to confirm, worldwide pandemic and they are arresting Victorians who make an unauthorised dash for the border.

It's weird, we're here, there's beer! Good times at the end times continue!

Oh yeah, and obviously, Aliens. SHTURMKELLER will be telling us all about that in due course!


Big props to all our creative mates for getting on with it, and to mr Ben, Marcus & Mr Lynch for their ears and counsel as we Do Stuff.

We are reminded to work whilst there is yet light :) 


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