Soo close!

1. Sound distortion issue sorted for secondary stream.
2. Some balance issues.
3. Vision switcher scenes collapsing on click unexpectedly. Like 5 times. Operator error most likely (that'd be me) or a bug? Hmm...
4. Graphics organisation still a little meh.
5. Fox needs a mic.
6. Need 2 more screens
7. WTF are the cameras disappearing from the devices on reboot? BOO!! Drivers! Booo!!! Mind you I am using some cheap old ...working, fully functional, didn't spend any additional cash, be grateful, POS cameras (LOL!!) 

There is a lot to comprehend to 'get' this thing. yikes.

Top Dollar Jonesy for the win.

Sooo close.

Next week. Yep. We'll bump it up one more notch.

This is totally worthwhile :)


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