After a COVID flare up in NSW and VIC the local vibe is tenuous. Our mate the Phantom Phiddler did a gig last Friday and said the message about social distancing may not be getting through.

I have a suspicion we may wind up in another lock down soon. Fingers crossed we keep following the science.

Meeeeanwhile - Mixing, Recording, rehearsing and the Streaming continue safely, socially distanced, at a reasoned, gentle pace.

I am awaiting some stuff from our last US trip so we can figure out the next steps. With Gig revenue destroyed, it rather puts a crimp in the Production Budget. But we are crafty and versatile.

Thanks to MC, ML and all the folks who are giving input and help to get it sorted.

Two Salon tracks are in post production, trying to work out places to put fades and some mastering questions.

Things have slowed right down, because, well, Pandemic; yet we're still moving. Carefully and thoughtfully sure, but, moving. It's been good to get a pause, I for one was glad of the downtime post US tour. 

Speaking of Downtime, I am not sure the weather favours us this week so I am now working out Wet Weather planning for the show. Hmmm..

Keep staying safe out there, especially for our Mates from the States. We know how things are. We're not through this yet, but we can get there. Slowly, thoughtfully, methodically and by following all the science stuff.

We'll be streaming this week, drop by if you need some downtime. I also expect you might see a few other thing spop up as they come off the reduced-speed stormcellar production line.

Until I see you, stay safe and look after yourself.


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