We had enough time to get coffee.

this was ON.


I pulled the plug on the laptop as I moved it. Why in't the battery installed? Long story.

Reboot. Mid stream.

When it rebooted...I hadn't saved the settings.

It used the audio settings from last week.

Nooobodys fault but mine.

It gets better each time we do it. ALMOST. Dang it. I'm waiting for the point where we do it 2 weeks in a row and get it right.

To be fair we are substituting the work of a studio crew for a mouse and a jaunty attitude.

Happy graduation Elie, Happy Bithday for next week Elise.

This is starting to cook, each week, yes. I am totally stoked with the idea of stepping through this methodically. there is so much going on.

I am enjoying the heck out of this. New interpretations of the songs, heck we even changed Key. 

Join us next week when we set mutators to max and throw the switch.


A little more lightning and we might get this thing out into the wild :)


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