Good show yesterday. Thanks to Fox for the extra sound stuff,we improved sound quality again.

Even with all the testing, there are still things to fix.

Musically it's going great proceeding well and it's terrific to be able to hang out with some Cellar Dwellers.

Poor Steve, who's in the thick of the US circumstances, took a while to smile, but we got him there eventually. That's what we can do to help

That's what Stormcellar's always been, and continues to be. A place of safety.

Behold the high tech studio


There was still a gain staging problem and some mixing issues.

OH! And 'Patching' for random reasons. I mean why not patch LAST NIGHT when we were testing?? Nope. Time to patch?

5 mins before show time. 

Then the Laptop decided that USB Suuuuucks and spat out the mixer and all the cameras.

6 minutes after live show time I was still remapping stuff. No es bueno.


It's just another gig mate. That stuff happens at gigs.

Breathe, deal, remap. Focus. Focus.

Don't listen to the rest of the band asking you why it's not working and then positing ideas about what's wrong with the sound mix, when in fact the entire issue is that the USB hub driver, sound driver and some other unknown element have had a complete fritz.

You know this stuff, and you got this, because you are thorough, detailed, a complete tech boffin and nerd and you wear...


yes, yesterday I channeled the power of the master, and the show went on.

And as part of the ocntinued settlement with the Canadians, I am required to post the text of the apology we read.

Show 1. 

We committed to 13.

Let's see what happens next :)

Small Moment.

Now a bit of Sad news. My Aunt Debra passed away suddenly this week, I'm posting this because she followed the band, as do the fam. My thoughts are with Jonathon, Robert, Shane & the kids, John, Jacqui and the kids too. 

It's a truth to never take for granted what you have.

We're not owners of things in this world. 

We're stewards. 


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