As the end of the world approached, a rip in the fabric of space-time has allowed us a glimpse of Stormcellar in other universes. I grabbed a few of their album covers and some promo info.




Universe #4400966520


A Norwegian EDM band inspired by the poems of Tor Ulven. The transmission was a little garbled so I didnt get the band members names. The portal device is interfering with the file transmission so it might take me a few goes to download their music.



Universe #23

Quite close to us I found a Stormcellar that is a Metal band, I grabbed this from their website.


I managed to download some promo stuff, here's what passed through the portal:

'After 7 years establishing themselves as one of Bavarias most progressive schlagermusik acts and headlining the Grossenvomittenbucket fest in Aspenglau in Romania, Sturmkeller were enroute to the Viennese Schnitzleffracktenbluchenfrappenschwarzen festival where a rare opportunity was available for the bands heavy clog influenced face slapping sounds to be recorded live with Andre Rieu, a once in a lifetime event.

Three days after their van mysteriously disappeared from the road between Afterbruchlighstee and Verf, Sturmkeller were discovered in a field of sorghum in Belgium, unable to account for the past three days.

It's at this point where they deserted their knee slapping roots and re-emerged as a psychic metal band singing songs about alien abduction.

Fans of Sturmkellers award winning albums 'Favourite songs for sausages' and 'Favourite songs for sausages: 2 - the Mustard Boogaloo' were surprised and in some instances, infuriated by the radical change in musical direction with the release of 'we were adbucted by aliens on our way to meet Andre Rieu'  album which quickly shot to the top of the self reporting charts in Moscow, Idaho.'

I grabbed a fragment of one of their songs but it was too powerful for my amp, which said a few phrases in low german and then committed suicide.

Most interestingly, in every alternate universe so far, we have encountered Andre Rieu. I don't know what this means but I suspect it's important.


I have to go close the portal, Michael Buble also exists in other universes and the version in universe #288383 heard I talked smack about him and has been trying to crawl through for the last hour. I'll post more after we recharge the reactor, I've been feeding it Gibsons all week.



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