BLF, uh huh, ahuh ahuh.

doot, dweet woop, doo dweet woop.

There are a few KLF fans out there who just sang along with me.


That was the fourth firehorse project and an excellent test to end the pilot with.

Thank you to MC, Fox, Theo, Steve, Steve, Bec, Sam, Simple and all the cellar dwellers who participated.

Soo....what did we learn??

Ahem. In no particular order.

1. I need more XLR inputs. The more people I added, and because we have mic's for everyone to talk through i need more channels. 
I am in no hurry to buy any more gear so I am goingto see what clever solution I can come up with.
2. Walk into your heart is great as an acoustic song. Sure we have to work out the middle bits but even as Mr Wizard observed, maybe the way to do it live without all the extra instrumentation from the recording is to simplify it to acoustic.
3. That was fun.
4. My local streaming bandwidth is juuust enough to manage what I am running now.... :(
5. There's still a few leads and cables in our cable gear that need to go. Buzzing. No! Bad Cable!!
6. Facebook is throttling the living shit out of our posts. People are not seeing them or it's taking days. Straight up, FB is pay to play. I don't like it, don't like us being free content providers for a platform that charges us to access the user base we helped to build. Nope nopey nope nope nopers. Yuck.
7. The studio audience was awesome
8. Most of the tech worked. Niiice. Some more minor tweaks
9. We were able to replicate it - yeah thats important. Today a sound driver went bung so we were 5 min late but I was able to fix it because???


Yeah its really worthwhile.
10. the songs got a chance to evolve a little with less restrictions. it was nice to do songs we aren't/haven't/won't/don't do in the set, for whatever reason. I also got to break a few rules. Niiiice.
11. we took some good times back during these up and down times. yeah, snatched back a little happy during the pandemic and all this negative stuff in the social and news media. A little happiness doesn't diminish the tragedy of the times, but it may help to bolster your mental immune system.

I'm stoked, this has been a blast and we're looking at what next. There's some good things to try.

The world is a bit freaky deaky, but it's chill down here in the stormcellar. We're doing what we do. Making stuff. Doing things.

You know where to come when you need a time out.


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