Something's going right. If anyone other than Bec wants to know the sound chain issues we tested successfully today, let me know, otherwise I will spare you the techo talk.

Suffice it to say...yessss....sorted.

Except for some issues with the otherwise wonderful little yamaha desk. It doesnt have the feature to split the mix as much as I need, as we start to add players, yet I rate this little thing. 

I didnt realise it had a USB output for sound and it's come in so very very handy, I rate this unit Mucho Goodo. I am resisting acquiring any more gear though at the moment so I am looking for alternative sound chain solutions.

For the first time we did a version of Walk Into Your Heart, live. Coo-ool! AND!!! I got to do a Jazzy version of Colour My World which the boys have forbidden! Muahaha! I'm FREEEE!!!


Ok so now we have to talk about the Buble incident. Now fortunately as the tape has been destroyed I think I am safe, but I may have suggested that I think Harry Connick Jnr is cooler than Michael Buble.


Yeah I know I know don't hate on me. I get enough of that because of my love for Nickelback - legit 'photograph' and 'how you remind me' are great songs, even if that dude know what. I don't need a beef with them too.


Anyway, Mr Buble, you're a multi award winning international star with a great voice. If I suggested that you need to apply for a license before you can swear, it's a Canadian Joke not a Mr Buble joke, but it's made funnier by the fact that you're a very wholesome dude and the idea of you swearing alone is kind of the humourous juxtaposition.

Please don't hunt me like an errant moose.

So other than the now infamous Buble/Canada incident, the less we draw attention to it the better, everything went swimmingly.

Next week will be the final test of the elements and seeing what other tweaks we can make before we start opening the doors to the stormcellar a little more. Meanwhile Cellar Dwellers & FOTB know where to go and if ya don't then ask!

Come spend some time with us, in the morning Sydney sun/rain, where you happen to be. 

Thanks to our studio audience and to our guests this week, Wing & Dr Rock.

Thanks you to S & S for donations. It's greatly appreciated.

As you can tell, this is cheering us all up considerably. There's lots of EEEK going on and we never minimise how tough it is out there.

What we can do is give you some downtime when you need it and that helps to bolster you as you manage the seasons of wild weather.

See you in the stormcellar soon.


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