Nothing beats a live test for revealing the lurkin gherkin of doom. That's a thing now.

What Went Right

Gain staging issue spotted and sorted.

Drums worked well, need a little miking tweak.

Secondary transmission audio was Boss, some lag for vision, some frame dropping.
Interaction with cellar dwellers works hilariously.
Error is comedy as long as you smile while it all goes to pot.

Our first Streaming Donation, care of FOTB Mr S. from the rocky mountain state.

What needs a tweak

External audio for Theo
Levels checking for guitar, was too hot
Got to stay on the mic or go to a hand mic for me...but now I am runnning out of channels.

Sound input channels for Discord went kerpflooie
Graphics nope. Meh. Too hard to stage manage while doing my thing. Gotta simplify or hand it over.
People still working out how to get into the VIRTUAL STUDIO!! OOOH new term!! That's two for the day.
Havent worked out how to split the feed for the internal and extenral. do I even need to?

These questions and more, when we do it again next week! It's a blast. I'm not storing it. Join in.


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