Cheers to our moderator Simple, Bec testing and the other Friends Of The Band who attended.

That was fun.

Cheers also to Mr Coggins for getting with it so damn fast.

As he explained, he doesn't have a specific component to play, so he reinterprets the song using all the important bits, from basslines to riffs.

There was some for real tech setup involved. More fixes to be done.

Doing this in stages has been the way to go.

Sound, 3 camera's, transmission + interactivity. It's some work.


I had to bring the transmission inside due to Sydney weather.:-) 

Testing Outcomes

Interactivity - yep that worked. Using Discord was a little more work than just tuning it, but you got to chat and there was no time limit like on Zoom.

We had at least 1 guest who couldn't figure it out. Noted.

Sound - good but gain staging problems somewhere between the mixer and the vision switching software. Need to bump the signal somewhere between the mixer and the transmission.

Product - We ran 80 minutes and could have kept going. Testing and tweaking may have added 5 minutes. All things considered, nice.

A stream is a different product to what we've been doing for...13 years. It is its own thing.

I had a chance to play some long missed sweet songs such as 'Company of a friend', stuff we still have not brought into the main set such as 'sail away'


I got to play Island Time.

I had to look up the lyrics. Ok so that was niiiiice. I also mocked Mr Wizard for his reluctance to play all these gentle songs until i almost fell asleep playing them at one point and we had to do Swamp Monster. I can see his point but I was verrry relaxed.

Overall the vibe was sweet and it was a pleasure to play some of that back catalogue. So onwards we go, I committed to this for four weeks, next time round we'll tweak it a bit more, add some more 'things' (just you wait) and there's a lot of music to reinterpret. We could be at this all Quarantine :-)

So if I don't see you, dear reader, out at a gig, come visit with us online. The company's good, even if my coffee is decaf :-)


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