I know it's a pandemic and all but I would be very glad if our invited guests would Hurry The ....Up :) I have got the streaming gear up to next testing phase and we're pretty much ready to roll.

Of course this does require the gathering restrictions and a few other things to take their course first. Even though it's 'work' I am not putting 5 guys together in an enclosed space for the time being and the current restrictions of 4m2 per person means imma need a bigger boat.

So Duo's it is! Hurry up you lot, you know who I'm talking 'bout :-)

We're cool for songwriting tho' and yep, yet another batch, this time courtesy of 'Prospect' Fox.

Lookin sharp there bro'


And FINALLY! After almost 4 months of working on 'The Devils Preacher' I found a way through. Whether it will pass Mr Wizards filter is another matter, this one has been percolating since we got back. Whilst I may not have found 'good' I have certainly found lots of 'eek!' and some 'LOL/KEK' and avoided that, so that's a good thing. Maybe. Dunno. 

I'm in Air Traffic Control mode. There are a bunch of songs, I want to see them all guided safely to the right spots. Songwriting sessions will continue through the next few weeks and as they start to take shape I'll use the development time to test the multicam streaming.

Clarksdale Songs

Mixing is in the next phase of development, with some local flavour and Persons of Power summoned to the quest.

Radio Widget

Cos you lot have been listening to the Radio Station we've added we now had to upgrade the version :-) I'm waiting on some guest DJ's to add shows but we have 24/7 Stormcellar Catalogue on Random (no repeats) + 2 Radio shows, the 'Stormcellar Blues Groove' and 'Reverend Jim Beeble's End Times Good Times' in rotation. Go ahead, have a listen :-) We're fully APRA licensed thanks to our good mates at Australian Radio Indy.

Meanwhile in unexpected facebook messages

One of our mates in the US is getting so penned in that they're sending me 'Adult' clips. The minute this pandemic ends I think there's gonna be a baby boom :-)


Friends Of The Band can be on the look out for some testing requests over the next few days. We need to check a few more streaming elements, I'll reach out directly when we test, as it's a little weather dependant on account of it being outside (safer, ventilated).

And in the meanwhile, Dear Reader - stay safe, stay home where you can and send any R rated content to my personal email account :P