Thanks to Bec and Jonesy for testing out the streaming.

I had some ghosts in the machine. The realtek Drivers went haywire when I was using the 24/192 interface from the yamaha desk.

Oh BTW Yamaha, well done. Excellent value and I didnt even know it had USB main mix output. Wow. Cool.


Mr Wizard is keen on decent sound. 

Over the last month I have tested remote playing together (nope), sound setup (ok got it sorted) and today was the first Video session.

We're on schedule for our target of...whenever we get this done :-)

This week, weather permitting, we'll do more live testing.

Friends Of The Band will be called upon to test, as we check further.

This was fiddly today. I made a few errors and had to figure some stuff out. Testing. Love it. I get suspicious when things go too right oo easily :-)

After 3 hours we had sound, vision, vision back from Jonesy and Audio too for complete interactivity and Mr Wizard got a brand new song.


Gotta say when it all finally worked it was quite satisfying.