Happy Apocalypse.

Sadly I cannot yet report the complete collapse of civil society and as such I guess we'd better get on with things huh?

Toilet paper abounds, science prevails and we look to New Zealand for world leadership.

This Bodes Well.

Social Isolation songwriting continues.

It's a muscle. Use it.

Also: Time. We have it.


Cup of tea.

Also: Gear working.


Streaming tests

Would have gone live yesterday. Will likely do some more testing in the coming week.

Big ups to our mates who are out there pioneering.

Salon Project Proceeding

First glimmers of some movement on that since before the Pandemic started.


See what happens next. Moving at its own pace.

Cards Against Lyric Writing

Yesterday I took all the fragments, ideas and observations from the last 6 months, cut'em up and put them in a bag.

Next, it'll be Dig Into Bag, play Cards Against Lyricism.


Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Tuned!