Social distancing songwriting today.

Nice day for it



Testing Continues

The audio stuff worked out ok today. Not too loud.Worked well for guide track recording.

Listening to some guide stuff now.

Streaming Development

Tech testing still ongoing.

One more go at rehearsal for duo is next. 

Then tech testing with outdoor stuff (hope the weather holds)

So...we have Sound OK, worked out lag time sucks. Next is combining outside wifi to stream access with a (yuck) webcam but at least good enough sound. 

No rush. It's a slow apocalypse.

Song Writing Stuff

Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it aint. We've never shied away from 'full and frank' discussion.

There's a saying in the band, the tensions are what make it dynamic.

Working on 'Devils Preacher' is taking a while, which is great. It deserves as good a job as we can muster, and I haven't been too happy with my part so far.

The job isn't getting it to perfection. The job is getting it to the point where you can get it right.

Different Batches

As promised, I am laying out a little more internal thinking than usual.

Song batches at the moment are loosely grouped into:

1. Clarkesdale

2. Salon Project

3. Everything Else

Who does the grouping? Ah well. Um. Yeah. 

Ok. So here's the logic.

I reckon everything that was written in/during/around the US tour is fair game for batch 1.

Salon has already kicked off with Crossfire and I have four or five candidates.

Of course that involves working with our mates and assembling people is inadvisable at present. Hmm...

In the everything else category is...everything else.

With Mr Wizard in seclusion for weeks, there's a new crop from him. 

We touched on four tunes today in development. Based on that logic it's going to take us another weeks worth of sessions to go through the backlog from pre-tour, then the stuff from the tour, then the new crop brought on by isolation and too much time on the hands of a guitarist.

When we get to the next layer of development and i get the tech sorted, we might open up one of the later sessions.

Stay safe, stay well, stay home where possible.