It's sooooo quiet.

Sunday Sydney Morning.

I have never seen the air this clean.

It's like the flipside of the smoke and fires from this year.

The Blue is amazing.

Less smog from cars etc. Wow. 

The quiet over the last few weeks has increased as movement has been restricted.

It's a month of quiet Sundays. 

Site Fixes

Thanks to Ch3vr0n and the Joomla forum for guidance.

I took the site from a page load speed of a D to a B.



Sound Technician/Musician joke.

During this process the site didn't explode.

So far.

Streaming Tests

Thanks to:

Ray, Dean, Dion, Monte, Rebecca, Jonesy.

Last night Mr Wizard and I tested out Facebook Video, Discord and Skype.

Discord was the winner so far for point to point.

Mr Wizard needs a better mic and interface. The conferencing system drops sound, when it can, to conserve bandwidth, so that sucks, and it distorts.

The lag time didn't seem to be an issue.

We have three things we're looking to stream, I'll lay it out for ya.

1. Songwriting sessions

It's not just the technical.

The songwriting involves Error and Bad Choices.

Also: 'Full & Frank Discussion'

Also: Losing our way, segues into other songs.

Making a sausage is messy, it's also kind of private.

Self consciousness won't help the process, so I figured it will have to be people we'd feel comfortable having in our living room as we do it.

We'll see.

Not sure if this is a viable thing, but why not give it a go. 

2. The rehearsal

Technically trickier, will need at least a few of us plus a new crew member on Bass.

I'd like to open that up to Cellar Dwellers and the General Public

3. Performance

Yeah well.

The technical issues of combining 5 locations worth of data stream is surmountable.

The lag time between each participant may make it untenable.


More testing.

When I'm ready to get some folks in to test the receiving side, I'll post here and on social.