If things go wonky on the site for a bit, do not fear.

The Toilet Paper Zombie Hordes have not set upon us.


I am 'fixing' the site.

You know how other bands might have 'people' for those jobs.

Turns out I am people.

6131459_1 (site)(500).jpg

Thanks to the Forum for tips and suggestions.

Writing Continues

Seclusion has suited Mr Wizard well, he is somewhere in a cave, writing.


I have no idea what that pictures from. Anyway.

Dreamin' of Streaming?

I tested all the gear I have for streaming.


Next test shortly.

We also have some rehearsal coming up. How are we gonna manage that?

I have a cunning plan.

2rd1le (site)(500).jpg

The whole worlds taking a time out.

I don't need to worry about a respirator, I still have those from the Smoke 2 months back.

Hope your apocalypse is treating you well.

Stay safe, stay solo.

stay safe stay solo