Ok so it's a Historic moment. Anyone who thought history finished in the year 2000, oops.

With my eyes open and without any reduction in the potential seriousness of where we are at, as a species, on this little blue ball, I am...

not freaking out.

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I live on a street where the noise starts at 6am as the rat runners bypass the major roads, one after another, until i can barely leave my street.

Where the flight path for Sydney Airport seems to favour us with the sound of thunder every 8 minutes, when the wind blows from whatever direction it is that necessitates the wheels grazing our rooftops.

I bless every traveller these days.

For the past week or so, the sounds of planes and cars has retreated.

Things move more slowly.

For 'reasons', I am feeling calmer than I have in a long dang time. That's a personal journey thing and will only ever show up in the stuff we write.

After all, to write is to confess.

As my favourite Toltec priest says to me, 'the message is in the music, everything else is extraneous'. 

It's fascinating to find that those messages are often unknown messages to self, as if you have to externalise it in order to hear it.

Ok so from a practical physics perspective, that's true. I was still kind of in symbolic land tho'. 



As I look at writing stuff, I've seen a few videos and songs about OMG OMG OMG ZOMBIEESS!!!

Although I get it...I'm not feeling it.

Since we have been back from the tour, I have been walking my way through the words, looking for the right stuff. It's hard to describe but you know it when you find it.

Like a clear bell, it rings when touched.

I am ok with dispensing with lesser work, and oh boy, lesser work is easier to do; but that's like a burned bit of toast.

It's acceptable to scrape it, but...there's always a tinge of burnt.

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i'm not in a hurry to start writing happy songs about rainbows and bunnies...although....(the minute I wrote those words Mr Wizards psychic sense started twitching, he has some concerns about my love of Cute, although given his embrace of all things japanese and Kawai...I digress.)


I have 4(ish) songs to finish from the US tour, plus other stuff that's still in development. We write from our surroundings and influences. The stuff I have yet to finish belongs to the Clarksdale piece, so it has it's own set of logic which I am trying to maintain. Challenge accepted.

Beyond that, why current circumstances aren't factoring in to my thinking is a curiosity. Things seem genuinely turbulent.

Nonetheless, it's not what's on my mind. Not what I want to write about.

Go figure.

I can't explain it and I have four other songs to finish. 3 other songs? Anyway. Maybe once those ones have finished cooking we can expect Songs For The End Of Days.

Or maybe not. Maybe I'll still be calm and it will be something else.

Mr Wizards in self isolation right now and he's got more work coming out. 

It's a good time to be in the stormcellar, it's a good time to be doing what we're doing, even if it seems like it's bonkers in the outside world.

As Friend of the Band Mr 'X' says, 'stay frosty'. Come join us here when you need some calm time.


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