People coming out of my local IGA Supermarket said 'there's food in there!'

Yeah, there is.

Society has not broken down. It's taking a pause.

And we could do with one.

Since the internet took off like a rocket and we all wound up with hand held devices, we have been interconnected to information at a fast pace.

This hasn't all been to our benefit.

Now, in the face of a fact that cannot be denied we have found that spinning the truth into what suit ratings, or opinions, is just bad news.

Not fake, bad. Malevolent even.

It is as much a virus to be feared as COVID.

Panic is infectious, and so are we.

So without minimising the reality of risk, we can at least manage it in a survival minded way.

Listening to actual Doctors and experts, making changes in our behaviour.

For Cellar Dwellers, this makes some sense.

We've always been a retreat from the tempest, as we are now. 

I'd say it's likely that we will see some gigs cancelled. Quite likely, even if only from an abundance of caution.

We have been working on a streaming idea for a while, more shortly. It'll be a bit of fun and you can join in safely, remotely.

Writing and mixing are still in progress, slowly.

I have higher hopes for the work and it's taking me some time to find something that suits how I feel about it. No rush. Comes when it comes.

We'll be streaming some of that work too, as we work on it.

Practising some simple precautions, staying calm, using the tools to stay connected even when we have to be a little further apart, all of these things will help us still be here, when this stuff has passed, together.


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