So they've cancelled the Dark MOFO festival in Tasmania. 

Anything where people get together is now a no no.


Turns out the month off we have is perfectly timed with the Zombie Epidemic. So either our gigs will get cancelled later, or they won't because it will have passed, or we'll all be Zombies.

zombie-wearing-blue-business-suit-illustration-png-clip-art (site)110320.png

All in all, it's the introverts paradise.

Not having to go anywhere and no one thinking you odd for not going anywhere :-)

Cup of tea?


Meanwhile it's mixing and writing.

The material we recorded in Clarksdale has been awaiting space for mixing, looks like that's starting to happen. No rush.

Any time before the apocalypse suits me just fine.

In fact this down time and quiet time is just the ticket. 

Of course if civilisation collapses in the interim, well, that will present some new challenges.

On the plus side, it will certainly provide a new direction for writing.

'Tales of the apocalypse'


But no.

We're going to have to get our information systems in order at some point.

It'd be good to be able to have better faith in our media and in what some governments tell us.  

Meanwhile, the global village is moving into quarantine and face masks.

Valiantly, and with little regard for my personal safety, I shall continue to blog, not leaving my bunker unless it is to fight for TP and Paper Towels amongst the wastelanders of what was once our proud state, now reduced to ordering in pizza and watching cable.

When we're onto DVD's of star trek re-runs you know it's the end times for sure.

Hmm. Maybe I'd better get a hustle on finishing this album.


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