Driving on the Left Hand side of the road.

Waiting for your body clock to reset to local Sydney Time.

Remembering to book sound engineers for coming gigs.

These are the things that happen after your touring is done.

It's 7am, my brain seems to be returning to local time faster than I expected. There has been some internal debate about which side of the street is the 'right' side to drive on (the left) but all things considered, this has been a pretty soft landing.

When we left, the fires were still going, the smoke was still awful. We missed the floods.

At least they put the fires out.

There's the sense of calm that I'm used to here. Sydney drivers are still aggressive, reminds me a little of Texas drivers (all y'all are crazy).

We have a much needed but unintended month off, which we will each put to good use. The tour was a lot of work, both before and during. 

Of course, being who we are, work continues.

SC12 in production

SC12 - the twelfth album, is unexpectedly in production. If we had longer in Clarksdale, we may have finished it there.

As it stands, 4 songs are in mixing and another 3 that were written there are in development.

I'm ok with a short release, Mr Wizard thinks we have to have a minimum number of tracks to call it an album. I'm not so sure it matters anymore.

Nonetheless, this won't be the first time we have made an album over two continents. Kansas City Gold & Defiance featured work done here and over in the US.

I've even been able to find the same microphone, of course it's not Morgan Freeman's microphone and it may not be the precise same vintage, but it will be sonically close enough to work.

We had two more songs we could have recorded if only for a day or two more, oh well, a least one of them had some pretty risible lyrics and I am happy to have the chance to make them somewhat less awful.

SC 13?

It turns out there's quite a backlog of songwriting. Mr Wizard suggested adding 'Crossfire', which we released last year, to SC12, but nah. 

It's sonically and conceptually different and makes more sense to include in the 'Salon' project release.

By my quick math, there's enough in development for another release later this year.

The Salon project has been all about working with our mates here and writing songs for them. That plus a few of our own and I'd say we have a chance at either a double or two releases this year.

Jonesy's Tour Chronicle

Jonesy filmed a lot of stuff. He'd like to enter a doco on the tour to the Clarksdale Film Fest. We'll see what happens.

At the least I expect a few more vids and pics from the tour to surface.

Website Upgrades & Changes

I've been struggling with getting off Facebook. I think it's a bad actor in our society, yet we still use it.

While touring it was the easiest solution.

I still don't know how to work this out and it's still a major communication platform for our community.


Every year or so I have a go at sprucing up the main site - this site has been in operation for 13 years, that's a lot of blogging.

Don't be too surprised if you come back and find I've been messing with the site.

Or not. 


OZ Touring

We're looking at doing a little touring mid year, more on that as we work it out.

Upgrades and Changes

Everything changes, and so do we. 

As a Disciple of Dr Rock, spiritual advisor to the band ;-), I appreciate the concept of Era's.

Each of the albums we have made has captured where we were at, sonically and musically, at each stage.

There's some internal discussion on changes and additions to try over the next period, don't be too surprised to see a few things shifting around as we move into the next phase.


There's plenty to be done to finish the work in front of us, and more to do. Just as we like it.

It's a good time to be a self propelled artist.


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