Touring is an intensive process, for musicians it also means a period where otherwise introverted people spend a lot of time with...people.

There's a good reason they say 'what goes on tour, stays on tour'.

For my part, a cup of tea, petting the dog and looking out my window are among my favourite ways to spend this lifetime.

It's good to be back.

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The 2020 tour has been an unending set of revelations, visitations, experiences and symbolic inferences that may take some time to process.

It'll take a bit.

To start though, we need to acknowledge the hands who lift us up.


Texas Johhny R, user of the C word, drinker of Clam beer, source of much support.

Mark & Susie 'Sparky' N. - our US Agent, Road Crew, Trouble Shooter, Road Master and Staunch Allies.

Steve 'Rockford' & Annette J, opener of doors and intel.

Gary & Carol V. who opened their home and hearts and took us to sing for God.

Art @ B, Roger @ C, Johnny K @ L, for making room at the Inn and allowing us a place to play for the spirits.

Dawayne G, Cathy and Cathy Q, Frank L, and Frank H for the focus of power into one night in Kansas City where what was done was pleasing to the spirits of the Blues

Jackie S for making us welcome in the place of naming where we danced our power dance.

I'd also like to thank Simple for his great kindness and service, the two angels at Avis who prayed with me after we had some rental car issues ;-).

To my bandmates - Theo & Carl who went above and beyond in supporting me when PTSD was kicking my butt somewhat, I say thank you from the bottom of my Harp.

Ditto to the wonderful Qantas ladies who offered Camoilie and Biscuits in a moment of need.

To Louis, Aztec Priest, thank you.

To Dr Rock, seer and sage, thank you.

To Cherie, whose teachings helped me get through, thank you.

Also on behalf of the band, thank you to Di Ford at the Sydney Blues Society.

To FiFi Scard for her prep work.

And to Steve 'CC' Jones, chronicleer, self appointed tour manager, security agent and constant source of wonder at the American Experience I say well done sir, and thank you.


It takes a profound amount of work, planning, commitment and effort to take 7 people 25,000 miles, 10 states, 1 album and back again safely.

It continues to be my great privilege and honour to serve this community of people.

These are the things our lives are made of, the people around us, what we witness, what we do.

We do this out of choice, despite the hardship, sacrifice and effort. 

If left to my own devices, much like Bilbo Baggins, I'd merely send my thoughts adventuring, not my feet, but then I would not witness what I have witnessed, feel what I have felt, and I would be, unknowing, the lesser for it.

We stood on hallowed ground, performed for the spirits past and offered sacrifice at the crossroads.

I'd tell you the rest, but you'd never believe me.

Home now, here in the ancient land of the rainbow serpent, a place with an older, deeper power, we are returned to our own dreaming.

It is done.

Until we do it again.

Meanwhile, I have tea, the fires are out and the skies have become blue again. It is a good time to be home.




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