felt the first flake of snow in my hand in decades, a short rare burst in Mississippi.

We had to change our travel plans around After millage was unable to join us on the tour due to a family emergency We spent a few days in Memphis writing songs and now as I write into my phone we are sitting in Clarksdale Mississippi somewhere near the crossroads eating Mississippi tamales and recording songs.

 with some seasonal warmth I had expected things would become progressively warmer but winter has returned except for today .

Our next destinations are reporting below 0°


 We did our first Clarksdale show last night with things to our hosts Johnny and Naomi . 

 This has been a long tour and is Rosie said to me the other day a lot hasn’t gone to plan but a lot has gone alright .

 Walking the streets of Clarksdale at dawn writing lyrics,  I was in search of salvation . :)  some interesting songs and some very interesting experiences .

 Work continues, unfortunately we are still blogging to Facebook Can see more stuff there if you want


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