ok I know I have said I don’t want to support Facebook but it’s been where we are doing the on the fly blogging. Argh.

I’m conflicted. Oh well.

a week in Memphis, the end of our IBC campaign. Big ups to our mates in the  achievers for making the semis and to Ray Beadle for making the finals.

it has definitely been an experience.

beale st is smaller than you might think, the peel st mall in Tamworth runs longer.

We have been travelling back and forth using Uber which is giving me a chance to hear the opinions of the locals about Memphis and some of those experiences wound up in a new song. 

 Getting ready for this unexpected tour took six months and otherwise we would have been recording an album by now. It seems  slightly ironic that it takes an overseas journey for us to have enough time to do the next batch of songs, or perhaps it doesn’t, perhaps that’s exactly the right way .

Looks like we will be doing a few days of recording in the coming week which I am greatly looking forward to.

Oh yeah we also added another show at the cat head in Clarksdale on Sunday the ninth.

 I am also advised by our Kansas City friends to say go Chiefs ahead of tomorrow’s Super Bowl .

I was standing outside our venue on Beale Street listening  some back-and-forth regarding the current state of US politics . 

 As guests in a foreign country we are very much neutral observers .  Nonetheless it is an inescapable element of American life at the moment and I think tumultuous times are to come .

 Monday marks the halfway point of the tour and we still have many miles to cover and many things to do .

 Our good mate Jonesey is experiencing the US for the first time and blogging like crazy on Facebook on our page and I think he’s putting an excellent perspective and plenty of pics up .

We have some work to do over the next couple of days to get the guide tracks ready ahead of the recording sessions.

 The cool air, the fresh air and lack of smoke make me think of how folks are doing it back home and I confess to a little homesickness .

 Nonetheless onwards we go.  We have other people’s stories to tell and other people stories to listen to .


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