I wound up with a chest infection thanks to the smoke. 

It's been a few days of patchy rain and cool weather, it's still smoggy outside.

Thankfully my singing duties have been light, thanks to well reasoned cancellation of outdoor shows.

Taking down time has been necessary. Bah humbug.

Rather be out there doing stuff.

We have a busy January and February and 2020 is knocking on the door. With some luck I might get another couple of videos out before the year is over.

(cough). ARGH!!

As usual, there is a lot going on in the lives of the stormcellar community. The members prize their privacy sufficiently that I limit my posts to what I believe are appropriate levels of sharing.

Nonetheless, we send our love out, for those who need it, for the reasons they do, and by extension, to the cellar dweller community and our community at large.

Goodwill is still a valuable commodity and we have it in abundance, so we offer it freely.

We are entering year 13 of being an active working band. All the way back to Mr Wizard deciding to try recording an album back in 2007.

We're still together, still active. That's a blessing in itself.

While the seasons change and the weather swirls in uncertain aspect, we continue to focus on the useful things we do.

2019 has been a rough year for the larger community around us, for a variety of reasons.

We look forward to the return of more peaceful times, and until that happens, we will try to offer as much support to one another as we can, and to you too, dear reader.

On behalf of the band and community, we say Seasons Greetings, and we wish you a return to better times in the coming year.



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