Since we started the 'weather permitting' project I have been blown away by the artisans and crafts folk out there in our little old community.

A while back, I tried Nonna Maria's Gnocchi.

Heck I am a risk taker.

I was 10/10 Full On Italian grandma Level Awesome.

It's taken me months to hook up with it again. was my day.

This is a genius with a potato:

79182433_2591007411016319_3417729666130116608_n (site)11119.jpg

Once upon a time I had a perfect pasta in Leichhardt. I have been chasing that Boscaiola for 20 years.

When I experienced this dish I realised i had found a worthy successor.

Well played Nonna Maria.

You got game.

Big game.

I dig these market shows. Thanks guys, I know you all went to an effort.

Smoke filled valleys on the way up, blazing sun. Fire engines hurtling past on the way home.

Things are still pretty hairy out there for folks.

We did a small fundy thing yesterday for the Firies. What a time.

Makes me grateful for the small stuff.

Like a perfect dumpling :-)

Thanks Nonna.