I can't bring myself to say all the stuff that is on my mind when doing the tour planning.

It's some logistical Kung Fu, I tell ya.

Each time we do this I genuinely question my capacity to manage the process. If anyone tells you this is easy, please give them my number.

I am fairly sure I have written that, here, before.

Dates, equipment, transport, other logistics. Yikes.

As I was resolving the Next problem that arose today (it always happens) I flashed back to when we had to can the 2017 Tour 7 days before, when one of the guys had a health scare. That was actually a pretty easy decision, even factoring all the work that had gone into it.

That makes me feel pretty comfortable that we can make the hard calls when we need to.



At the same time, the little things like figuring out how to make distance and travel with 6+ people and a car load of gear in US Winter is giving me some pause for thought.

At least the smoke here has dropped off somewhat. Only just noticed the birds are singing again.

Ok, so, back to the calcs, miles to the Gallon, distance and....(sigh).

Whose bright idea was this? Oh yeah we won that comp thing. Right.


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