When we started the 'Weather Permitting' project last year I didn't expect to enjoy it nearly as much as I have.

It's a throwback to our earliest days, Mr Wizard, Donald Deep Jeffs and Dan Sexton at the Rozelle Markets, under the big tree.

Good times, good times.

Yesterday's show at the Bowral Twilight Markets was great fun.

Sadly, the Gnocchi lady wasn't there. Bummer. That's some good Gnocchi. Have to go back!

Although it seems obvious, I was surprised to find that the constant smoke in the air affected my vocals, it was a bit of a struggle but we got through it. Well done to Mr Wizard for managing a random nose bleed in the middle of a song.


I was having a chat with the Honey vendor - I had no idea how much the drought has affected honey supplies. The drought has taken a toll on everything.

On the plus side, it was explained to me that all it takes is one good 'honey flow' so I will keep my fingers crossed. Beekeepers are a very calm breed of humans, for obvious reasons :-).

Things must have gone well yesterday because at the end of the session, we were showered with Sausage sangers, Pies, Pork & Crab Dumplings and Vegetarian Indian. 

We were in between the Indian and Gozeleme stands, with incredible smells of spices coming in waves as the winds shifted. They were dancing as they made the Gozleme. Yeah girls I saw that ;-)

It all smelled fabulous and the place was jumping. Apparently there was a 'good vibe' in the air (as well as the spices!).

We all got to take home some (awesome!) pies.

Australia still is the 'lucky' country in many ways, we spent our time outside, in relative safety (excluding say for example all the dang fires that have been happening) and in the company of our fellow Aussies and visitors, and if you've ever wondered what successful multiculturalism looks like, go to the food section at a good market.

Cappucino in hand, vegan rice on plate, assorted yummies from Daikon Radish Kimchi to Cinnamon Honey, sitting in the sunlight, tapping your foot to music.

Good times, right now.

It's worth the effort to travel to markets and experience the artisan cooking and crafts.

This has been one of our better project ideas :-)

Now if you will excuse me, it's Sunday and I have some pies to heat up.