I've been consolidating our data files for backup, so I have moved all the art from 11 years into 1 drive.

Gee, there's a lot of it.

I'll be doing some RETROSPECTIVES!!! WOOT.

I also decided to do a count.

With some acceptable-to-the-marketing-dept-error, my count is 645 shows as of 'Crab Too' last weekend.


That's not as many as some proper road warrior bands, but it is a number.

As is 7.18.

or 14.

Or 42.

It has been known to us for some time how rare and precious it is for any group of humans to remain a group for this long. 

Humans are known throughout the galaxy as 'challenging'.

Nonetheless, 645 and climbing,

Improbability is the new Probable.