Huge weekend.

This is the good bit. 

I know stuff outside is still insane right now.

Here in the stormcellar, it's a time out. 

Travelling is chicken soup for the soul.

Look out the window with me.

IMG_8954 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_8963 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_8960 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_8964 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_8965 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_8967 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_8969 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_8970 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_8971 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_8976 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_8983 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_9001 (site)11119.jpeg


IMG_9006 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_9010 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_9022 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_9026 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_9027 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_9031 (site)11119.jpeg

IMG_9034 (site)11119.jpeg

 Driving along I felt the great weight of the world lift from me, all the tour planning, all the usual bits of stuff from living life.

I spent my weekend with my friends in the stormcellar up in Newtown, down in Cooma, in the companionship and company of muso mates.

A good weekend was had, with considerable organisation and cooperation to thank for it.


This is what we experience when we do what we do.

Join us here when you feel like a time out, we're going to be doing more stuff. And join us out there when it suits you, you could do with a time out in the real world also :-)