A funny 5 or so things happened on the way to the show last night.

Jacket fell in the bath, movable shower thing fell off the wall and landed on the tile and cracked it, the water from the dripping jacket as I removed it from the bath then left a slippery trail that could have ended badly if not for my awareness that the Glitchy had set in.

I slowed right down but I knew the Glitchy was with me. Yep. I knew it was with me. I was singing Howling Wolf all the way there and even a little on stage.

Dog got out as I left the house. Great.

I figured I'd had my Gremlin run but nope. Microphone cable for the harp went bye bye in set 1. I just checked and taped that sucker. BIN for you mister cable!

Don't let the Glitchy Getcha. Sometimes the Glitchy bodes well for the show, and it did.


Thanks to everyone who joined us at Frankies.

Jo and Rosie were in fine form.

I remembered almost all the words and most of the tunes.

Meanwhile tour prep still ongoing.

I can't get back to the next production jobs until I get this stuff done.

With luck, we'll be through within the month which still gives us time to get some more stuff out this year.


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